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Pricing for your advert

Prices for advertising online with the Suffolk Hotels Guide

We want to work with all our clients to get the best value deal for them, to share the risks associated with any form of advertising spend, and to share the benefits when our clients do well through the Guide. So we offer two pricing options - EITHER a flat fee (see below) or PAY PER LEAD.

What's PAY PER LEAD? If you have a website we can both monitor* how many leads your advert on the Suffolk Hotels Guide is bringing you, and we can charge you 30p for every click through to your website or phone call or email enquiry that we bring you (ie 30p per lead, much cheaper than Google's pay per click). So if we don't bring you any potential clients you don't pay a thing! No risk advertising at last.

* To monitor your website traffic we recommend to our clients a FREE tracking system called Google Analytics - an independent and comprehensive service from Google.

There are 3 levels of annual flat fee to choose from
Silver 80,
Gold 135,
Platinum 245 - see details below

What do you get for your money?

The Suffolk Hotels Guide is an easy-to-use, online Guide for all Hotel services in Suffolk.
It is the only professionally designed, independent Guide in Suffolk that specialises in Hotels.
The Suffolk Hotels Guide is part of the Suffolk Guides Grroup which also includes, which covers all aspects of the Suffolk tourist sector, from Accommodation and Attractions to Pubs, What's On, Things to do and Places to Eat and Drink, as well as Cross linking from the other Suffolk Guide ensures that your Hotel will be seen by many more visitors searching Suffolk.
Last year over 13 million UK holiday makers went online to research a UK short break. We want them to come to Suffolk!!
The Guide helps your business be highly visible to this targeted audience of potential customers
A web presence is essential for all businesses marketing to tourists, but you don't have to have your own website. See an independent review Why Online Marketing is Essential for more information
The Suffolk Tourist Guide was launched in March 2007 and in its first year received over 130,000 visitors. In 2011 this number was well over 500,000, with 1.6million page views, and the growth continues year-on-year due to continuous Search Engine Optimization work and Social Media Marketing (eg Twitter, Facebook etc). Advertisers on the Suffolk Hotels Guide will benefit from these visitor numbers through cross linking eg any events you add to your advert on the Hotels Guide will be listed in What's on Suffolk as appropriate to put your event in front of the right targetted audience.
We are constantly adding new content to the Guides to enable us to cross sell your business and include it in as many relevant searches as possible.


What do you get for your investment?
Silver 80
Full advert on the Suffolk Hotels Guide for one year. This includes -
* unlimited text to describe your business which you can change at anytime,
* up to 4 colour photos of your business which you can also change anytime,
* Your full contact details so that clients can contact you direct,
* Hyperlink to your website - increasing traffic to your own website
* An automatic 'View On Map' link so that clients can find you
* and 24 hour password access to your display to enable you to update it at anytime; PLUS
* Your business will be displayed on the front page of the Guide for at least one week per year
* Your business will be listed under 2 categories of your choosing eg Family Friendly Hotels and Coastal Hotels
* Single registration fee for one year - no additional charges or commission
* No VAT!
This is a great opportunity for a small Hotel to get online and compete on a level playing field with larger competitors

Gold 135
All the features of Silver plus -
* Listing in up to 4 of the 15 categories eg Pet Friendly, Wedding, Conference, Luxury, Coastal or Town etc
* Listing in up to 4 relevant articles
* Ability to feature in the Special Offers section on the homepage at anytime (subject to space restrictions)
* Ability to feature in regular enewsletters to visitors on the Suffolk Guides database

Platinum 245
All the features of Gold plus -
* Listing in all relevant categories - up to 15!
* Listing in all relevant articles,
* A Banner advert - this is a rotating banner in the right hand column of every page of the Guide and maximises your visibility. In 2011 the Hotels Guide received over 240,000 page views.

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We look forward to working with you to show visitors what fabulous Hotels Suffolk has to offer!
About the author - Sarah Quinlan is the owner of the Suffolk Guides. You can follow her on Twitter @SarahinSuffolk or Google+
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