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PR Initiative from the Suffolk Guide

Suffolk Tourist Guide Public Relations Initiative

As the credit crunch hits, we’re being told that more and more of us will be looking closer to home for holiday destinations. With the fantastic range of holiday, weekend-break and visitor opportunities in Suffolk, that’s clearly excellent news for us all.

From its stunning heritage coastline through to picturesque countryside, from bustling market towns to picturesque villages, Suffolk – and it’s wide range of attractions - has a great deal to offer the visitor. But I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to be told that!

If together we can raise the profile of this county and what it has to offer, then all our businesses will benefit and flourish. What’s good for one is good for us all!

So to capitalise on this excellent opportunity, at the Suffolk Tourist Guide we’ve set about finding new ways to help you to raise the profile of your business to your target audiences. We are retaining the services of Vivienne Maunder, an experienced PR consultant, in a move that opens up new opportunities for us all.

Vivienne has lived and worked in Suffolk in PR and journalism for more than 30 years. She is familiar – and has excellent contacts - within the local media, and has had extensive experience in many different markets: consumer, B2B, public sector, healthcare, leisure, etc.

What are we planning to do?
We’re looking at taking a variety of approaches to gaining media coverage and highlighting to potential visitors what the county has to offer. We’d like to promote Suffolk as a beautiful, relaxing, vibrant, fashionable destination.

As a client of the Suffolk Tourist or Hotels Guide, we’d like to get you involved right from the start. We will be looking to:
• Place news stories in local newspapers and magazines
• Arrange radio interviews – possibly even TV
• Encourage feature stories in the media
• Arrange promotions and competitions

What’s in it for you?
You might have a story, idea or lead that you might want to promote, but, if, like me, you’re not a confident writer or you don’t know who to send your story to, then Vivienne will help us. Send us your ideas and we will send them straight through to Vivienne for evaluation. Where she sees that there is “mileage” in the story for both your business and for Suffolk, she will set about optimising the opportunity – keeping you informed – for mutual benefit. As a client of the Guide this will be at no cost to yourself

Where there is a great story – one with good PR potential but not of specific benefit to Suffolk – Vivienne will give you feedback and advice. She will also - if you so require – provide you with a quotation for writing a press release, contacting an appropriate journalist or publication, or whatever course of action she advises will deliver the greatest benefit to you from that opportunity. The Guide will not be involved.

What are we looking for?
First and foremost, we need to know your news. Drop us an email and let us know what’s happening. It could be any kind of story from:
• Comments on visitor numbers – are they significantly up or down?
• What has been the impact of good/bad weather on your business?
• Impact of credit crunch – what is your experience? How are you coping with that? eg Credit Crunch Lunch! Special Offers
• Effect of weak pound? Are you seeing more foreign visitors?
• New introductions, facilities, equipment or renovations?
• Celebrities visiting the area? Have you spotted Johnny Depp in the bar? Is Amy Winehouse a regular at your restaurant?!

Many of these opportunities will succeed in highlighting your business and Suffolk. Of course, coverage can never be absolutely guaranteed, but the advice and guidance of a PR specialist will increase your chances of being featured.

On top of this...
We’re also looking to provide offers to the media. Many magazines and newspapers are constantly on the lookout for great offers for their readers. We can, for instance, offer up competitions to win short breaks, meals, outings and tickets for Attractions and Events. In exchange we will encourage journalists to feature you in their reviews.

Vivienne can also offer professional support in putting together entries for awards, although this is a service that would be quoted for – and charged – separately, and will be between you and The Writing House.

In summary, this is a fantastic opportunity for us all to benefit from the current conditions in the market place. You get to raise your profile to a wider audience through a professional PR consultants services, and we all benefit.

What to do next
If there is anything that you would like to put forward as an opportunity, then please do drop me an email or give me a call. I will then pass this on to Vivienne to assess the potential newsworthiness and determine how we can best take it forward to the greatest benefit of us all.

We’re looking forward to achieving great things together!

Details of your news story

Suggestions for a competition

An offer that you would like to make to potential customers

Any other ideas you might have for further coverage of Suffolk

Send us an email now!!